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Love, remember and miss you


Remember Lior Sivan. An optimistic person, smiling, loves humanity, and is always right to help others. A man of humor, of nature, of home and of family. His surroundings always blossomed from the light he shone on her. We will forever remember you Lior, in your death we were commanded to  live.


Lior Sivan

Lior was a man of truth, friendship, love and laughter.

Born in Melbourne Australia, and got to Israel when he was 2 years old.  raised in Beit Shemesh by his parents Dan and Adina and brother to Ilan, Gabriel, Maayan and Abinoam.   Studied in Ethrog and in the High School Yeshiva Shaali Torah. After that he continued to the pre-military preparatory school Hamad which he loved so much. Lior greedily acquired many friends for life and also left a mark on the yearbook younger than him in prep school when he continued to the second year. 

After preparatory school, Lior enlisted in the armor for the 7th brigade, became a commander and later also went to the 1st brigade and became an officer and team commander. After his military service, Lior studied mechanical engineering at Afka College, a profession that he not only studied but applied at every stage of his life. While serving in the army he started dating Liav whom he had known throughout his life as a boy in Beit Shemesh. Lior and Liav realized that they had found true love and became a heavenly couple, a relationship that everyone loved and admired.
In 2014, Liav and Lior got married and over the years gave birth to Tal. A few weeks after Lior was killed, the little princess that Liav was raising in her womb was born. She was named Shaked, and she will leave more of Lior in the world


Lior was killed on 12/19/23 in Tevet, in a brave and heroic act when he protected and saved the lives of his subordinates and tankmates. 

Lior loved the world, always saw the glass as half full and infected everyone with his laughter and smile.  

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