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Lior cargo

  Lior, already in the first week of fighting, and while fighting, recognized that what the tankmen lack is the ability to charge cellphones and other products in the tank. He invented a charger that connects to the tank and any vehicle in order to serve the security forces who are in the field and need to charge their cell phones. Since then, the Yad LeSharion association has sponsored the project and since then tens of thousands of dollars have been raised to produce 1000 chargers which were distributed to armorers all over the country  And in Gaza. The charger was called "Matan Lior" because Lior was the one who made it happen and believed in the product from the concept stage to execution. Thanks to Lior, many soldiers today are "charged" and receive strength

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Wheelchair floating in water for the disabled

Lior together with his friend Elisaf Assulin, as mechanical engineering students at Afka College, created an amphibious chair to be used by the children of the Jordan River village in the village pool. Kfar Nahar Jordan is a unique and unique vacation village in the State of Israel and the Middle East that provides an experiential and safe vacation. Lior designed and built the chair in order to make the pool accessible to all the campers of the village so that they can enjoy and feel like all the children in the pool

An article about the chair in Maariv

An article in Khan 11 about the chair from the mouth of the director of the youth village

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Go Baby Go

The project, established under Smart Up, was created as part of Lior's introduction to the outstanding program at Afka College. Lior, as a young student, led and created electric cars adapted for children with various disabilities who for the first time felt what it was like to be without movement restrictions and even control the vehicle


 Suicide prevention system at the mental health center - Gaha

As part of Afka Lior's outstanding program, he led a team that developed a system to prevent suicides in the showers of a closed youth department at the Gaha Mental Health Center. Lior entered the hearts of all the staff in the department. Presented the project to the senior staff including manager Gaha and led a full implementation of the system in a real shower. The second generation of the system that Lior led in its development stands before commercialization these days


Lior's projects

Throughout his life, Lior planned and built many projects that affected people's lives, on the voluntary-civilian level and also within  His work as an engineer. We have gathered here those who tell another amazing story about the person Lior was

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